FUTURE FASHION DESIGNERS ACADEMY - Fashion classes for kids (and adults!)
Learning to Sew           
The foundation of being a fashion designer.
Learn to sew in our easy to understand classes.    
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Sewing 101 (class size limited) Kids and Adults
 $145  (includes all materials, no books or materials to purchase,) - 5 sessions
Home Scholar and Mom & Me specials, scroll to bottom for info
Please register early, we need a minimum of 3 students to hold the class. Class gets cancelled or pushed if 3 are not signed up 24 hours before. :-(
If you are new to our academy, please see our new student registration page, register as a new student and give us your name, childs age and phone number.
Our foundation class.  Exploring the basics of sewing while learning to make a simple skirt and simple accessories. 
Learn the skills you will need if want to sew simple drapes and pillows too.
We will learn to use a basic sewing machine, how to thread it, how to use patterns,
correct layout, marking and cutting and  the importance of fabric grainlines for garment and home decor success. 
Each week we will focus on a new technique like seam allowances, elastic casings, patch pockets, pressing and hems. 
We have sewing machines and your welcome to bring your own as long as it is in good working order.
If you are a new student to FFD, Please go to the registration/contact page and give us information about yourself!
*4:15/30 afterschool, get here when you can!
           Spring Schedule  
Monday afterschool    4:15/30* - 6:00  (kids)  back in the fall!
Monday evenings    6:00 - 7:45 (teens & adults, mom & me)   July 28 - Aug 25
sewing 101
5 sessions
Price: $145.00
sewing 101:
new student registration
one-time fee
Price: $20.00
Enter Option Name:
Mom & Me, ages 8-14
Mom & me discount, 25% both
Price: $215.00
Enter Option Name:
Mom and Me special, only pay for 1 new-student registration, when signing up for 5 session class.
Beginners Introduction to Sewing (kids & adults!)
1 session, all materials included, $35 (no one-time registration fee)
Please register early, we need a minimum of 3 students to hold the class. Class gets cancelled if 3 are not signed up 24 hours before. :-(
Learn the basics of the sewing machine, how to thread and operate it properly and some basics on how to get started in a fun, creative hobby and useful skill.
Special 2 hour class. A great way to see if you'd like to learn more!  Fun class to take with your kids! (ages 8 & up)
If you are a new student to FFD, Please go to the registration/contact page and give us information about yourself!
Sat, July 26,  2:00 - 4:00
Beginning Sewing
2 hour session
Price: $35.00
intro to sewing:
Beginning Sewing
Mom and Me, ages 8-14
Price: $55.00
Enter Option Name:
SEWING 102 & Intermediate   $140 - 5 sessions,
Ready to learn more? We will be making a new skirt style that has a few more details, designed to learn more techniques.
We will be learning about darts, facings, buttonholes, zippers and more on the machine.
Our adult students will be working from a commercial pattern and will need to bring in their own fabric to the second class.
Our kids class will be designing a patchwork skirt in 102 and a custom project for 103 students.
You can take this class multiple times, we will be working on different projects, depending on what you would like to learn.
If you are a new student to FFD, Please go to the registration/contact page and give us information about yourself!
Tuesday evenings                6:05 - 7:50 (teens & adults)    Tuesdays - ongoing (join on any Tue eve for 5 consecutive Tuesdays)
Wednesday mornings         10:00 - 11:45  (adults)       back in the fall, Sept 10-Oct 8
Tuesday afterschool        4:15/4:30 - 6:00 (kids)    Back in the fall

sewing 102 or 103
5 sessions
Price: $140.00
Intermediate sewing:
Technique Wednesdays  $28 per class (please register early to avoid us cancelling a class!)
 Each Wednesday we will offer a different technique in sewing to help you develop your sewing skills.
We will be working on muslin so no need to bring anything.  All materials included!
Wednesdays 6:00-7:30, some classes may go a little later
 Classes will resume Mid Summer, dates TBD
Our classes include:
How to Read those Patterns!  July 30 
All about ZIPPERS,
All about RUFFLEs,
ALL about FABRICS, learning to sew on different kinds of fabrics
Piping and Bias Edging, makes beautiful finishes
Princess seams & Darts
Waist and Neck Facings, 
All about FABRICS, learning to sew on different kinds of fabrics
SLEEVES, how to set in,
Sewing Techniques
Wed 6-8pm
Price: $28.00
Enter Option Name:
*New Re-Fashion Design, (upcycling)! 3 sessions, $85 trims & etc included(some sewing skills required)
THE REASON TO KNOW HOW TO SEW! Think of all the cool things you can create or recreate.
Make your t-shirts, shorts, skirts and all truly unique. Make them into wearable art pieces.
We will show you ideas to turn your boring pieces into fun wearable art.
Bring in a few pieces you think need an upcycle and we'll show you how to give it a new identity!
Who know's maybe you'll turn it into a business!
some basic sewing skills required
Thursdays 6:15 - 8:00 (teens & adults)  dates TBD, please let us know your interest
Re-Fashion Design
3 sessions
Price: $85.00
Enter Option Name:
Fashion Accessories, 3 sessions,$85 materials included!
You've taken sewing 101 or know basic sewing. We will be making fashion accessories like headbands, scrunchies,
tote bags/purses, sunglass holders, bows, waterbottle holders, ruffle scarves and hats even critter hats!
And if you have any ideas just let us know.
You can take this class again and again, always working on different projects.
Make beautiful hats, scarves, totes...
Tuesday afterschool   4:30 - 6:00 (all ages)   Classes back in the fall
Wed afterschool   4:30 - 6:00 (all ages) 
Fashion Accessories
3 sessions
Price: $85.00
Enter Option Name:
Sewing Pants3 sessions, (prerequisite of sewing 101 required)
We will be learning to make simple elastic cased pants. Learn to use a pattern, finding the right pattern size and how to layout and cut properly.
Then constructing the pant.
Students need to bring fabric to second class.
Tuesdays 4:30 - 6:00(all ages)   Classes back in the fall
Wednesdays 4:30 - 6:00 (all ages)
Sewing Pants
3 sessions
Price: $85.00
Enter Option Name:
1 session, $28 (all materials included)
Our most requested private tutoring, Seems they are daunting and you need help!
We will look inside those mixed up instruction pages and learn to read between the lines and understand the illustrations. Once you learn their system it all becomes easier!
We'll do pattern layouts on pattern paper, learn how to use grainlines- the foundation of garment success, how to pin and cut and then how to map it all out.
                      Wed evening     6:05-8:00  (all ages) 
Reading a Pattern
1 session
Price: $28.00
Enter Option Name:
1 session,  $28,   basic sewing skills required
Save money, do your own alterations!  If you have some sewing skills use them to update and fit your clothes to fit you perfectly!
Learn some simple alterations techniques like hemming, tapering, replacing zippers, and letting out.
Bring in a few garments of your own for you to learn on or use some of our samples.
              Wed evening    (teens & adults)    Now in the Wed Techniques class,  May 7
1 session
Price: $28.00
Memory Quilt,4 sessions,$100, quilt materials not included
Recycle your favorite t-shirts and other special pieces that you just can't part with! Put them into a special quilt that you make.
Something special you will always have with you. basic sewing skills required.
Baby clothes, loved ones, your school old clothes, soveigner shirts, team shirts.....
You'll need to bring in your garment pieces to the first class to get started and later your choice of quiltcontrast and backing. plus quilt batting if you wish.
 (all ages) let us know your interest!
Memory Quilt
4 sessions
Price: $100.00
* A one-time new student registration fee applies  ** See Registration Tab for details & specials discounts.
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