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Designers create by reinventing the world around them.  
Learn all the techniques of designing fashion.        PLEASE SCROLL DOWN to see all classes
Introduction to Fashion Design
& Fashion Sketching
2 hours (kids, teens & adults!)  $35,
In this 2 hour introduction class we will be learning about the art of fashion design,  (fashion is art that we can wear!)
*what a fashion designer does
*how designers find endless inspiration,
*how designers develop themed & related collections
*all the many careers available in fashion
*how designers sketch quick fashions, using croqui's and templates
*sketching techniques to give your designs movement
*websites and reading information out there
A great introductory class, want to learn more? take our Fashion Design 1 or 2 class where we learn about color theory, fabrics, design lines, silhouettes and more!  See classes below.
If you are a new student to FFD, Please go to the registration/contact page and give us information about yourself!

Sat,  Aug 16  11:00
Intro to Fashion Design
2 hour class
Price: $35.00
Intro to FD:
Intro to Fashion Design
Mom & Me or Siblings special
Price: $55.00
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Fashion Design
& Fashion Sketching #2 (our intermediate class)
2 hours (kids, teens & adults!)  $35,
If you have taken our Introduction to Fashion Design class then you will love this class.  But no need to take the Intro class to take this class. 
In this 2 hour class we will be learning more about the art of fashion design,  (fashion is art that we can wear!)
*Understanding Target Markets in Fashion
*Detailed Sketching techniques
*Understanding line design for successful garment design
*Using color themes in fashion
* Developing mood/theme board for a fashion collection
The next step class if you have taken our Intro to Fashion 2 hour class. 
please sign up if your interested, we need enough students to hold the class!
New dates TBD for July
Intermediate Fashion Design
2 hour class
Price: $35.00
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designing characters for theater, T.V. & film
$35 (materials included)
A bit different than fashion design, costume designing is all about designing for a specific character.
Studying why a person/character would wear certain garments, colors and styles. We will be analyzing a film script and designing the wardrobe for all the characters involved.
We will be developing style boards, sketches and designs for each character. (there is no sewing in this class)
Sat, back in late summer
costume/ character design
2 hour class
Price: $35.00
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Vintage Inspired Designing $35 (includes materials) 2 HOUR CLASS
We go back in time to study a new decade and design current fashions inspired from that decade. As Coco Chanel once said "Without copying, there would be no fashion." Designers get a lot of ideas from history and especially from design details created long ago. It's fun to study the past decades and see what people were wearing and why. There was always a reason why fashion changed, we learn what was happening in history and how it affected fashion. We will start in the roaring 20's when the silhouettes began to change rapidly and go thru to the rich overstated 80's. Fashion is strongly influenced by what is happening in society. Join us for a fun class that teaches us a bit about American history and influences our designers creative mind.
Saturday,TBD,  back in late summer
Vintage Design/history
2 hour class
Price: $35.00
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$130 (includes materials) - 5 week course,
Where do designers get their ideas?
First we have to understand the basic terminology
like design lines, silhouettes, color and line illusion.
Plus, basic design styles like necklines, collars, facings, sleeves, skirts, pants, jackets...
Then we focus in on details to make your designs unique.
What really makes this class fun is learning the techniques of finding inspiration.
We will create mood boards, learn about color and how a designer uses it, fashion line themes, embroidery, embellishing and create your own inspiration file, a critical building block for any future career in the industry!
Thursdays 4:45 - 6:15 (all ages) back in the FALL sessions
 (FD 1 is not required for FD 2)
Fashion Design 101
Fashion Design 101 Class
Price: $130.00
choose class:
$105 (includes materials) 4 week course
This class was created because there is so much more to share! We will focus on techniques of detail sketching and drawing prints and textures. More on the use of color pencils and sketching techniques. We will focus more on inspiration, what a designer gets paid for! More on designing your own textiles and prints and how to incorporate them into your designs. Also, designing accessories like shoes, hats, purses and jewelry. Understanding the different fashion markets and target customers.
Focusing on specific markets like couture, bridal, evening wear and resort.
*You don't have to take FD1 before FD2, we do different lessons, not more advanced, so you can take either one first!
If you are a new student to FFD, Please go to the registration/contact page and give us information about yourself!
Thursday 6:00 - 7:30 (all ages)  let us know your interest, we are trying to get it started 
Fashion Design 102
4 sessions,
Price: $105.00
do different lessons, not more advanced, so you can take either one first!

                                          A One-time $20 new student registration fee applies
(see specials on registration page)
Portfolio Expression, 2 sessions
Putting together your portfolio is a daunting task.  A Portfolio is your tool to show your talents.  It is created for others (future bosses)  to view and judge your work - scary!  I once was in an interview with 7 executives all viewing my work to decide if I was the right designer for their project.  From that interview I came up with a great portfolio format to aid me with the next scary interviews.  It's worked very well since.
In this class, we will be studying different kinds of portfolio styles, learning to display your work creatively,
learning more sketching techniques and working on a book for your own special style. 
 6:00-7:30  (all ages) --dates TBD     
Portfolio Expression
2 sessions
Price: $55.00
Fashion Sketching
$125 (includes materials) - 5 week course
We uncover the techniques a designer uses to whip out designs and develop a concise collection.  We will learn how to draw a fashion figure and work with fashion croquis, flat sketches and get introduced to the wide range of mediums available.   We also focus in on sketching design details like collars, sleeves, necklines and the wide range of fabrics, prints and patterns.
or call studio for private lessons
A One-time $20 new student registration fee applies
(see specials on registration page)
Classes coming soon!
 Fabrics & Fibers
In this class we get introduced to our "medium".  Fabrics are to fashion like canvas is to a painting.  We will explore the variety of different kinds of fabrics out there.  You'll see samples, get to sew on them  and learn how to best utilize them in your designs.
Basic Pattern Drafting/Draping
Once we get the foundation skills of sewing down, we will expand the classes into drafting and draping your own patterns.  Working with flat patterns and draping patterns on the dress form. 
Gift Certificates Available
A one-time $20 new student registration fee applies 
(see specials on registration page)
Be sure to check out the sewing classes on the previous page!
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